- Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Grand Uniforms Sponsorship for Sentinel Scouts

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There is a lot of outside interest into the Greater Mapungub-we TFCA. Ask and one might receive. Sentinel scouts re-ceived a set of sponsored uniform and boots from Grand Uniform situated in Durban South Africa. Attached to these other sponsors donated sleeping bags and backpacks. Hand-over of the uniform and boots took place in the Limpopo Riverbed during a small ceremony and evening braai. Keep up the good work Sentinel.
Mapungubwe and Sentinel Scouts regularly does joint patrols to remove snares along the Limpopo riverbed. Patrols are sometimes done during the late evenings and/or nights to apprehend offenders. When rangers and scouts meet there is a cheerful talk about activities and challenges currently in the area. These joint patrols are important operations and send out a positive message that ground efforts in the GMTFCA are working well.
Grand Uniforms Capability Verification

Grand Uniforms Capability Verification - Tuesday, February 26, 2019

In our ever increasing bid to be the leading supplier of Bushwear in Africa, we took a big step in the right direction by being awarded the Business Capability Verification Certificate by Defcon Protec.  This certificate validates Grand Uniforms as a capable and approved supplier of specified products to all Purchasing Authorities in All Organs of State, including Public Entities as listed by the Public Finance Management Act.  The following elements were evaluated:  

1) Quality Management Systems 

2) Product Capabilities

3) Process Capabilities

4) People Skills Capabilities




Alven Pillay celebrates 35 Years of Service

Alven Pillay celebrates 35 Years of Service - Thursday, February 14, 2019

On Tuesday 12 February 2019, Mr Alven Pillay celebrated his 35 year with our company.  Aru, as he is affectionately known amongst his colleagues and friends started work at Uniforms in 1984 and has been a loyal, honest and dedicated member of our team.  Alven recalls as a youngster, how he started at the very bottom of the business, sweeping the floors and packing boxes, to today, where is an executive Member of a company who's vision is to become the leading supplier of Bushwear in Africa.  We salute our colleague and friend.